Bill Kewai
Brother Bill Kewai. From Kikori District, Gulf Province.

While living in his home village in Kikori District, sometime in 2006, he encountered a severe heart burn coming upon him. He felt the pain in his body and he went to the Kikori District Hospital to seek medication. The doctors gave him some medication, he came home and took the medication prescribed by the doctors, however the heart burn persisted.

For about a year, he was suffering from this condition. While walking around, he would carry a big bottle of water, and every time the pain started he would drink cold water to ease the pain.

Brother Bill was attending the United Church at that time. He said, “I used to pray to God to heal my sickness. On numerous occasions, I prayed hard for God to heal me, however my prayers went unanswered, as if there was no God.”

“One day on the 08th of September 2007, I stayed at home and was praying fervently for two solid hours. After the prayer, a thought came to me, this thought directed me to go and see the Revival People. But I did not like the Revival people.”

The Revival Centres of PNG church already established a House Meeting at Kikori. Many people from Brother Bill’s village were already in the Revival Fellowship, and the church was flourishing. However, Brother Bill did not like the Revival Church. He said, “at that time, I didn’t like the Revival church and didn’t want to have anything to do with them.”

On that particular day after he prayed for two hours, this strong thought kept on bothering me. Brother Bill recalls, “The thought came and urged me to go and see the Revival people, at first I was reluctant, but later decided to give in to my thought.”

Brother Bill first went to Leader Jeremiah Duruki’s place. However Leader Jeremiah was not at home that time. So he continued on and came to the home of Brother Jacob. Brother Jacob’s wife was at home, and she was surprised to see Br Bill. Brother Jacob’s wife told Brother Bill, “he was not at home, but when he comes home, he will come and visit you straight away.”

Brother Bill left, came home and rested at his house. In the afternoon, when Brother Jacob came home, his wife told him about Brother Bill’s visit. Upon hearing this from his wife, Brother Jacob wasted no time and headed straight for Brother Bill’s house.

He shared some message of Salvation with Brother Bill and later decided to prayer for him. Before they prayed, Brother Jacob mentioned he will pray in Tongues (praying in the Spirit). Brother Bill said, “when Brother Jacob told him about praying in tongues, I shrunk back, I had some doubts in me. Upon realising my doubtfulness, Br Jacob went further and explained about Speaking In Tongues in the Scriptures. From that point, the cloud of doubts hanging over my mind about Speaking In Tongues disappeared and I understood clearly.”

Brother Bill was prayed over, and after they said, Amen, Brother Bill recalls, “I felt strange, I experienced a moment of joy within me, I was sweating all over my body. I know, at that instant God had healed me.”
That same evening, Brother Bill indicated to get baptised. Bill Kewai and Brother Jacob waited for Leader Sepi to return from Kikori, and conduct the Baptism. On the 10th of September 2007, Brother bill was baptised by full immersion. Upon the waters of baptism, he was prayed upon and received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues straight away.

Telling of his first encounter with the Born Again experience, he said: “I was overjoyed to receive the Holy Spirit, it was a wonderful experience. If I had not followed this thought I would have died from this sickness. I have experienced first hand, four miracles in my life:
First, I received the Holy Spirit and Spoke in Tongues.
Second, God has completely removed my sickness.
Third, God removed all my bodily desires and my craving for indulging in pagan practices as described in Galatian 5:19-21.
Fourthly, I am enjoying my salvation and looking forward to the Return of Jesus Christ.”

Brother Bill, now resides in Port Moresby, and attends the Korobosea House Meeting. He has prayed for many people, and God healed them. He now actively participates in the Church’s Healing Ministry and goes about Outreaching and evangelising to people about Gods Salvation message and the promises of God to heal people.