25th Jul 2013 | by: PrGodfreyWippon

The Revival Centres Of PNG

A spiritual revival is spreading rapidly throughout Papua New Guinea, already over 800 village-type assemblies are established and many more await visitation.

Why Revival Centres In Papua New Guinea?
Every church group has a name for a number of reasons.
(1) To identify itself and in so doing to distance itself from other churches.
(2) To identify its teachings and in so doing to distance itself from the teaching of the other churches.
A church group should check first if others are teaching correct doctrine and if not is entitled to introduce what it considers correct doctrine.
Every church has originally introduced itself into society because it believes the already established practices were incorrect or incomplete.

It is readily admitted that there can be, and indeed there are unbelievable and complex difficulties in presenting a unified gospel. To agree on what “Salvation” embraces, procedures for baptism, spiritual awakening, church liturgy, and administration provide a formidable challenge.
The Revival Centres are in Papua New Guinea because they believe that the message preached is being confirmed by God, as thousands are filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues and experiencing wonderful healings.
These promised signs are following the ministry and as a result, we are following the signs.

What Is Our Policy With Other Papua New Guinea Churches

We have no policy directed to, or against the established churches. If by preaching bible truths and enjoying spiritual signs and blessings, obvious comparisons are made with organizations who oppose such results or attack them openly we simply continue our revival. We preach to people and it is of no consequence to us whether they are of one faith or another. Most admit total confusion and dissatisfaction until they receive the Holy Spirit. Many have changed from one religion to another. We do not enter other churches, we enter villages and towns and the Holy Spirit enters the converts.

What Do The Revival Centres Preach?

In short and initially, we preach, “Repent and be Baptised every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.” Acts 2:38. This is just one scripture but is a precise approach basic to salvation. This we believe is the promised recurrence of Pentecost, promised to all (Acts 2:4). We also preached that many have been baptised without receiving the Holy Spirit, (Acts 19:1-7).

We find hundreds in this category. We also emphasize healing and happiness as promised in God’s word. Many scriptures, relative to this teaching could be quoted. Many questions may well be forthcoming. There are innumerable authorities on this subject now in Papua New Guinea who would be delighted to answer your enquiries.

How Should One Treat The Revival Centres

If it is of God, either support it or leave it alone (Acts 5:39). History records that not every church has respected the views of another. Mainstream churches are still highly suspicious of each other and can only find unity in matters of no importance one way or another. We believe that to attack our church is to attack the scriptures and the confirmation of the Holy Spirit. There are thousands of villages in Papua New Guinea still bound in spirit houses, voodoo and darkness with no vision, no hope and no ambition. This wonderful Revival has given them a great “Hope” deliverance and enlightenment, a desire to improve and survive. God gives, not only spiritual but social and psychological vision and purpose. Many revivalists are now planting and reaping, learning and aspiring, rejoicing and attaining a world of local enterprise never known before. Ask them, they can speak for themselves.

It is not important that the Revival Centres are in Papua New Guinea, but it is important that God is pouring out His wonderful Holy Spirit in a most remarkable and welcoming way.

May He further bless Papua New Guinea.

Godfrey O. Wippon
Principal Pastor