Our Testimonies

In the church of God, one can experience Miracles, Healings, Signs and Wonders. According to Galatians 3:5, when God gives the Holy Spirit to a believer, God also performs miracles to confirm His presence. Believers who have been through the Born-Again experience, i.e. Being baptised by full immersion and received the Holy Spirit, with Biblical evidence of Speaking In Tongues can expect miracles in their lives.

The Bible clearly tells us, God Almighty is a Miracle Working God.
Thousands of our church members testify of powerful divine healings that God has performed in their lives. Many others testify of wonderful miracles God continues to manifest in their daily lives.

You can read testimonies from members in our fellowship. On the drop-down list above (under Testimonies), you can click on different headings and read testimonies pertaining to each subject. Testimonies are arranged under: Life Testimonies, Miracles, and Healings.