PNG Revival Centres have Assemblies (known as Main Centres) right across Papua New Guinea, in the 22 provinces. Twenty-one (21) provincial pastors oversee church work in each province (except Manus) of the country. Under the provincial pastors are district pastors and area pastors, who administer mission work in their respective districts and suburbs. In each province, there may be one or more assemblies (main centres). Each assembly may have two or more sub-centres and house meetings.


Revival Centres of PNG Fellowship started when the first nine people were baptised by full immersion on 1st September 1982 in Karaite Village, Lumi District, Sandaun Province. An extraordinary phenomenon ensued during baptism, new converts were receiving the Holy Spirit with biblical evidence of speaking in tongues.

Revival Centres preach the Good News of Salvation, as in Acts 2:38. People listen to the Good News that is being preached. If people believe that what Revival Centres Preach is the Truth, and with convincing proof and scriptural backings, salvation is offered to them right away. Today is the day to be saved (2 Corinthians 6:2). Whoever believes and is baptised will be saved (Mark 16:16).


Today Revival Centres fellowship is spreading very fast right across Papua New Guinea. Many people are coming out from churches, traditions, cultures and man-made doctrines and searching for the truth. Revival Centres do not lure people out from established churches. We only preach the Word of God, and power of choice remains with people to decide for themselves.