Port Moresby Church is considered to be the biggest Revival Centres Assembly in Papua New Guinea. Main Church Hall is at 9-Mile [Old Moitaka Show Ground], located next to the Agri Farm, and along the road leading to McGregor Police Barracks. Church Districts are demarcated in line with the government’s electoral boundaries.

Port Moresby Assembly, P.O. Box 5758, Boroko. National Capital District. Papua New Guinea. 9-Mile Main Centre.


The North East district covers all sub-Centres and House Meetings located under the North East Electorate of National Capital District. North East comprises 5 sub-Centres; 9-Mile, 8-Mile, ATS, 6-Mile, and Gereka.


POM North West District covers all Sub-Centres and House Meetings located within North West Electorate. Sunday Fellowship is held at the new Nautana Sub-Centre near Baruni.


POM South District covers all House Meetings located within Moresby South Electorate. These comprises house meetings from Down Town district, to Koki, Badili, Kaugere, Gabutu, Sabama, Pari village, Vadadvada, Korobosea, Two-Mile hill and Taurama Barracks. Sunday fellowship is held at Rabi Sub-Centre near Taurama Barracks.

For those living in the city of Port Moresby, we invite you to a Revival Meeting on Sundays and see how God works in this Church. Come and hear live-changing Gospel preached by our Pastors who are annointed by the Holy Spirit. Come and hear members of our congregation testifying of powerful healing testimonies. Here you will meet people from all works of life who have been changed by God.