Revival Centres in National Capital District


Port Moresby Assembly is recognised as the biggest Revival Centre fellowship in Papua New Guinea with over 4000 Spirit-filled members in attendance on a normal Sunday meeting. The assembly main centre is at 9 Mile, inside the old Moitaka Show Grounds.

Brief History of Port Moresby Assembly

Revival fellowship in Port Moresby started on the 12th of May 1989. The first meeting was held inside a family residence at Gerehu Stage 6, Gogosi Cress, Section 320 Lot 17, House 52. Pastor Herman Waminan (then) who was employed by PNG Defence Force (DTS) and attached at Murray Barracks was the pastor in charge of the Port Moresby fellowship during its inception.
Pastor Herman was later joined by Sam Wawako and his family who came from Onamuga Village, Kainantu, Eastern Highlands Province. This family heard about changes, miracles and healings taking place back in their Onamunga village. Pastor Herman and the Wawako family were pioneers of the Port Moresby Assembly.

Sister Karo Kaiala Penny joined the fellowship a week later. She was spirit-filled in Wewak and was transferred to Port Moresby to work for Brian and Associates Company. Brother Vincent Wanko who was baptized in his home village of Karaite, Lumi, came to work for the Correctional Services with his wife Sister Millicent Wanko, and they joined the small fellowship.
Other people joined the fellowship the likes of Peter Maiyene from Lumi and John and Jenny Ramoi from Suwain village, Aitape who were students at UPNG Campus.

The small fellowship in Port Moresby changed locations several times and finally ended up at 9-mile showgrounds. Congregation members at that time were looking for a suitable venue to hold fellowship meetings. After Gerehu Stage 6, the fellowship moved to Gordons Teachers In-Service College. From there, the fellowship moved to Waigani Life Line Centre. After several months at Waigani, the fellowship moved to Gordons International School along Henao Drive. Fellowship meeting was held inside one of the classrooms. From Gordons International School, the congregation returned to Waigani and fellowship was again held at Life Line Centre. After Waigani, the fellowship was shifted to Bomana. In those early days, the fellowship was held in various locations around the city. After some time in Bomana, the fellowship was shifted back to Gerehu Stage 6. Congregation members were continuously looking out for a permanent location to establish their church. After much praying, God opened doors and the church was allowed to move into nine (9) mile show grounds. At nine (9) mile fellowship meeting was held under an old shed used by the Port Moresby Show Society.

Church Growth

Port Moresby Assembly experienced a revival boom when the fellowship moved to nine (9) mile show grounds. People from all walks of life came and joined the fellowship after news spread of the healing and miracles that were taking place inside the church. Today Port Moresby Assembly has over 5000 spirit-filled brothers and sisters in the fellowship. An average of 30 people are being baptised every Sunday.

In 2008 a prefabricated church building was shipped from Australia to Port Moresby by brethren from Australian Revival Fellowship. Australian brethren later flew to Port Moresby and with helping hand from PNG brethren, erected the biggest church building in Port Moresby. The new church building was opened in 2009. Members from assemblies around PNG, and from Australia attended the opening ceremony. Governor General of Papua New Guinea, Sir Paulius Matane was invited and also attended the Grand Opening.

Port Moresby Assembly has experienced rapid growth in recent times. Today, Port Moresby has three Districts: North East District, North West District, and South District. 9 Mile Main Centre also established its own sub-centres at various locations. 9 Mile Main Centre established the following Sub-Centres: 6 Mile (Diari) Sub-Centre, 8 Mile Sub-Centre, ATS Sub-Centre and Gereka Sub-Centre. Port Moresby Assembly strategies on establishing more sub-centres at various suburbs within the city and outskirts as the Church experiences a rapid revival boom.