Sister Vero Gabriel
Sister Vero Gabriel from Mount Kuta, [Mt. Hagen] WHP. [8-Mile Sub-Centre: Port Moresby Assembly]

Sister Vero Gabriel comes from Kuta Village, Mt. Hagen, Western Highlands Province. Before she came to know the truth and join the Revival fellowship, she was married and lived with her husband. For her, life was not a joy ride, she constantly endured the problems and vexations of everyday life . She was aggressive, sometimes fought with her husband having suspected him of indulging in extra marital affairs.

While going about living her worldly life, at one stage she felt sick and decided to seek medication. She went for a medical check and was diagnosed with cervical cancer (a sickness which kills many women today). At that point, doctors told her, this disease was in the late stages and they cannot do much.

She was shattered upon hearing from the doctor about her condition. For the next 10 years, Sister Vero spent a considerable amount of time, energy and resources to look for a cure. She tried her best on all available means and ways looking for a cure to prolong her life. She attended many churches, sought spiritual healings and joined prayer warriors, going to diverse places to seek healing but she found none. She spent all her income to buy herbal medicine and tried taking herbs, however that did not help either.

She came across doctors and people who suggested to her several medications, means and ways to heal her condition, however that also did not help her. She said “being in a desperate situation, I had no choice but to take advice from doctors and even other people. I tried every means and ways as suggested by other people, however that didn’t help either.”

For over ten (10) years, Sister Vero was battling with Cervical Cancer. One Saturday afternoon on the 29th of March 2008, while at home in her Kuta village, a thought came into her mind which ushered her to pray. She went inside her house and prayed for a long time. After praying, another thought came to her mind, which prompted her to attend a church service tomorrow morning (Sunday).

The next morning (on Sunday), she got ready, and together with her husband, they both travelled to Mt. Hagen City to attend a church, not knowing which church to attend. After arriving in Hagen City, they headed straight and wait near Hagen Park Secondary School. While waiting, they saw a group of people all dressed up for church, walking towards a church building behind Brian Bell Store in Hagen City.

Sister Vero recalls, “We followed these people to the back of Brian Bell, not knowing that this was the Revival Centres of PNG Church (Revival Fellowship) in Western Highlands. When we arrived at the gate, church members realized we were new visitors. They promptly welcome us and made us feel at home. They ushered us into the fellowship hall and quickly showed us the best place to sit.”

During the course of the fellowship, sister Vero recalls, “a feeling of great joy came upon me after hearing testimonies from church members and the Good News Talk preached by the pastor. Testimonies and Good News presented during fellowship gave me hope. After ending the good news talk, the pastor extended an invitation to all visitors (or observers) if they wanted to be baptized. I was eager to get baptized and put my hands up, and was counted in.”
After the fellowship, those who indicated to be baptized were led to a creek nearby and were baptized by full immersion. Sister Vero and several others were baptized by full immersion that Sunday afternoon on the 30th of March 2008.

Sister Vero says, “After we came out of the waters of Baptism, the church oversights laid their hands on us and prayed. We received the Holy Spirit and Spoke in Tongues straight away (Acts 19:6). After the prayer, I felt a feeling of lightness in me. I felt as if I was carrying a heavy load on my shoulder and someone came and remove those burdens away from me, I experienced a sigh of relief.”

Sister Vero came home with her husband, she was overjoyed and relieved. She woke up next morning expecting to feel the chronic pain in her body. To her amazement, the pain did not come back any more. Thinking that God had healed her, she never took her herbal medication from that point.
As days and weeks went by, she was completely healed. Seeing the extraordinary healing taking shape in Sister Vero’s body, her husband got baptized the following month (April 2008).

Through her healing, her immediate family members also joined the Revival Fellowship. Many people from Kuta also got Baptised by full immersion and received the Holy Spirit. A small fellowship was started at Kuta village. Sister Vero herself initiated the Kuta house meeting.
Sister Vero says, “Nobody has invited me to attend the Revival Fellowship. I was praying to God in my house and God Himself directed me straight to His church. After I received the Holy Spirit and Spoke in Tongues, I then realized this was the Church of God, and God’s Spirit was moving in this Church.”

Sister Vero is the living proof of God’s divine healing power at work. She says, “for the last sixteen (16) years, I have seen and experienced many healings and blessings God continues to pour down to His people. If I had not received the Holy Spirit, I could have been dead many years ago.”
Currently, she lives in Port Moresby and attends 8-Mile SubCentre fellowship. Sister Vero testifies on her divine healing at church outreaches and fellowship meetings.