Leader Tim Yapua
Leader Tim Yapua of 8-Mile Sub-Centre. Port Moresby Assembly

Tim Yapua hails from Kagua District, in Southern Highlands Province. He suffered from severe heartburn and chronic backache. God healed him after he Repented, Got Baptised by full immersion and received the Holy Spirit, with Biblical evidence of Speaking In Tongues.

Before he came to know the Truth (Message of Salvation), he was indulging in worldly life and conducted himself in many evil ways. While living that kind of life, he was also a church-goer.

While indulging in worldly life, at some point, his body developed two health conditions, which kept him bondage for (10) ten years. He experienced a severe heartburn, which attacked him quite often; and at the same time, suffered from a painful backache.

For ten years he went in and out of hospitals seeking medication. Leader Tim says, “I was given injection and medicine on a monthly basis. The medications doctors administered produced no favourable result. Every month I visit hospital, took medication, however, it seemed medicine became like food to me, I was not able to experience any cure.”

Leader Tim said, “All these time I had restless nights, turning on my bed and groaning in pain. I was not able to eat properly, my body rejected all the good food, my appetite for good food diminished. I was feeding on ripe banana and cold water. For many years, my stable food was bananas, fruits and cold water”.

One day, he left home and travelled to Lae to live with his sister (who was living in Lae). Leader Tim’s sister in Lae was a Spirit-filled member of the Revival Centres of PNG Church. She had a wonderful healing testimony as well. Leader Tim’s sister had suffered from Breast Cancer, and was healed, after she repented, got baptised and received the Holy Spirit.

While living with his sister (on several occasions), she would witness to Leader Tim the Salvation Message of being Born-Again of water and the Holy Spirit (John 3:3-5; Acts 2:38, Mark 16:16-20). Leader Tim recalls, his sister would say, “You must repent, get baptised by full-immersion and receive the Holy Spirit. After you receive the Holy Spirit, God will heal your sicknesses”. He heard the Salvation Message, however, was reluctant and continued attending his own church, exercising his own beliefs and faith.

One particular Saturday morning, while repairing a leaking roof on their poultry shed, Leader Tim was attacked by a sudden feeling of numbness. A sudden gush of strange feeling overwhelmed him and he fell to the ground. He was laying on the ground where he fell, in a state of unconsciousness.


A Few minutes later, his brother who was a church pastor arrived at the scene. Leader Tim said, “I explained my condition to my brother (pastor), expecting him to pray over me. However, instead of praying or saying some comforting words, he asked about which church I attended. I told him, I attend the Our Saviour Church at Bumbu Barracks. He instructed me to attended the Ressurection Lutheran Church at Top Town (Lae). I disagreed, and refused my brother’s suggestion.”

Leader Tim recalls, “The next morning was a Sunday (02nd February 2002). I woke up very early, got dressed, getting ready to attend a church. I carried with me a small pocket Bible. At that point, a thought came into my mind, I should go and observe the Revival Fellowship at Busu (Lae). When I arrived at the Main church hall (at Busu, Lae), the church leaders happily welcomed me and arranged for us (the visitors) to be seated in the front benches.”

“During the fellowship, I heard beautiful songs and the wonderful testimonies from members of the fellowship. The message preached by the Pastor from the Pulpit was motivating. I got conviction from the Good News talk delivered by the pastor.”

When the Alter Call came, an invitation was extended to observers (visitors) if they wanted to get baptised. Leader Tim quickly put his hand up and was counted in. After fellowship, Leader Tim and fifteen (15) others who indicated to be baptised were prayed upon and later led down to the Bumbu River and were baptised.

After baptism, the new converts were prayed upon. Leader Tim says, “Straight out from the Waters of Baptism, I was prayed upon, I received the Holy Spirit, and spoke in tongues straight away. After prayer, I felt a sense of peace in me, I felt very light. When I came home, I felt completely refreshed, the chronic heartburn and the back pain, have left me straight after the baptism.”

The pain that Leader Tim endured for over ten (10) years have gone. Leader Tim said, “If I had not fulfilled this great salvation message, and undergone the Born-Again experience, I could have been dead or life could have been different. I am thankful to God, He has healed me”.

It is now over 22 years and Leader Tim has no symptom of heartburn or a backache. He currently lives at 8-Mile suburb in Port Moresby, and attends 8-Mile SubCentre fellowship under Port Moresby Assembly. Leader Tim is another living proof of Gods Divine Healing Power.