Robert Nadang
Robert Nadang

Robert Nadang was born on the 04th of April, 1971. Robert is from Lagis Village, Buang Bulolo District, Morobe Province. He repented, got baptized by full immersion and received the Holy Spirit with Biblical evidence of Speaking in Tongues, on the 24th of October 2004.

Prior to joining the Revival Centres of PNG Fellowship, Robert lived a life full of badly habits and worldly influences, the kind of live that many people live these days. He was involved in binge drinking, going to night clubs, stealing and involving in other rascal activities.

In 2004 his pregnant wife went for a medical check at Lawes Road Clinic at Konedobu, Port Moresby. At the clinic, nursing sisters took blood samples from his wife and confirmed that she was HIV positive. Robert’s wife came home, broke the news and insisted on him to undergo a medical checkup. Robert heeded to his wife’s advice, he decided to visit Lawes Road Clinic; his blood samples were also taken and tested to be HIV positive.

Upon learning of the inevitable fate awaiting them, they were psychologically and emotionally disturbed. Though theirs was a physical problem, it had profound effect on them psychologically. Eventually Robert Nadang and his wife, both ended up at the Port Moresby General Hospital diagnosed with HIV-AIDS. The sickness had taken its toll, they both lost considerable amount of weight and the hair on their heads came loose. They were admitted at word 5B at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

They both had full blown AIDS. Robert says, “When we were admitted in the hospital, we were fully aware, there was no cure for the AIDS virus. We had no hope, but to wait for the inevitable.”

While they were at the hospital ward, a group of spirit-filled members of the Revival Centres of PNG Church visited them on one of their usual Hospital Evangelization programs. The Revival Church members came to their hospital bed and shared with Robert and his wife some passages from the Scriptures, telling about the great salvation message. The Hospital Ministry Members shared some Bible Scriptures and witnessed to Robert and his wife concerning the Good News about being Born-Again of water and The Holy Spirit.

Robert Nadang was convinced by the message shared by members of Revival Centres. After few questions and clarifications, he subsequently indicated to get baptized and join the Revival fellowship. Robert was baptized on the 24th of October 2004. About three months later, his wife came to the Fellowship, she was also baptized by full immersion and received the Holy Spirit.

Few weeks later, Robert and his wife were discharged from the hospital. they came home and continued to attend fellowship, committed their lives to their new found faith in God. When they arrived home, they steadfastly committed their lives to the Word of God, by following the instruction of church leaders and pastors. They continued to attend fellowship, involve in church activities, reading the Bible and continually living a prayerful life.

After some months in the fellowship, they realized some changes in their bodies. As time went by, some of the symptoms disappeared from their body and they started regaining their health. Roberts’ wife gave birth to their child, a child who was conceived when the mother was still HIV positive. After more than one year in the fellowship, Robert and his wife fully regained their health, so they decided on consulting a doctor for medical check.

Checks were done at the hospital to ascertain their HIV status. It was discovered that Robert and his wife were both HIV negative. Doctors did further tests and after several tests, they concluded that Robert and his wife were both HIV negative. God had healed them miraculously, after they repented, got baptized by full immersion and receive the Holy Spirit, with biblical evidence of Speaking-in-tongues.

Their new born daughter was also tested HIV negative, a child which was conceived when her mother was still a HIV positive person. God had also healed their new born daughter.

Today, Robert and his family are all enjoying their Salvation in the Revival Centres fellowship. Robert was appointed as a Church leader of the Revival Centres and he looks after congregation members of Talai House Meeting near Badili, National Capital District.

Robert Nadang, his wife and daughter are the living proof God’s divine healing power. Robert always testifies at church outreaches and crusades regarding his divine and miraculous healing. In telling of his testimony, he always says,

"If I had not accepted this salvation message of being Born-Again of Water and the Holy Spirit; and if I had not received the Holy Spirit, I would have been long gone dead. I wouldn’t be alive today."