Giasa Yana
Leader Giasa Yana of Doa Sub-Centre. Port Moresby Assembly.

Giasa Yana is from Yaki Tanguai Village in Kaintiba District of Gulf Province. He left his home village and came to work at Doa Rubber Plantation in the Central Province. Doa Plantation is located about 100 Kilometers northwest of Port Moresby. Giasa Yana has been living all his life at Doa Plantation, being employed by the Plantation and living in the plantation compound

While working on the plantation he contacted the tuberculosis (TB) disease. The TB disease badly affected him and took a good grip on him. The sickness affected his two legs and his back bone. He was a TB patient for a long time, and in mid 2012, the TB sickness took its toll, Giasa Yana was paralyzed and bed-ridden. He cannot walk and move around. He was bed-ridden as a result of the TB disease.

Giasa Yana had no hope, life was shattered. After he was bed-ridden, he knew all along that anytime he would die. He had no hope, but to wait for any unthinkable that might happen.

On the 9th of May 2014, a contingent of Spirit-filled brothers and sisters of Port Moresby Assembly travelled to Doa Rubber Plantation outside Port Moresby to conduct Outreaches and witness to people at Doa about the Salvation Message. Outreaches were conducted at various locations around Doa area.

At that time, it happened that, Giasa Yana’s wife was at one of the locations where the Revival Centres Church was conducting their outreaches. She was among the midst of the crowd of people listening attentively to the sermon and the testimonies presented by the Revival Centres. One of the testimonies presented was about the divine healing power of God. One of the church member testified on how God has healed his sicknesses. Upon hearing this healing testimony, Giasa Yana’s wife returned to her husband and told Giasa about that testimony.

Giasa’s wife told him “I heard this healing testimony from a church member of the Revival Centres, if God had healed him, he can heal you too. We can invite them to come and pray for you.” Giasa agreed to his wife’s suggestion as he had no hope, all he knew was he would die anytime.

The following day, they invited the Revival Centres brothers and sisters to come and pray for Giasa. The Revival Centres contingent from Port Moresby, went and shared the Gospel of Salvation to Giasa and his family. They were told the simple Good News about Being Born-Again of water and the Holy Spirit. After sharing a few scriptures from the Bible, they prayed over Giasa Yana. After the prayer, Giasa recalls, “I felt a strange feeling of joy in me. That very same day, (Acts 16:33, 2 Cor 6:2) on the evening of 10th May 2014, Giasa Yana was baptized by full immersion. After coming out of the waters of baptism, the church leaders laid their hands on him and prayer over him. He received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues straight away.

The next morning, he woke out of bed, he recalls “I had this feeling of calm and peace in me, I tried to stand up and walk. For the first time after one year and ten months of being bed-ridden, I took the first three steps.” After that, he started walking again and after a few attempts, he regained his strength, and now he is completely healed. He can now walk around and go about doing normal daily chores as before.

After seeing this powerful divine healing taking place in Giasa Yana, his whole family members also came to the Lord. His wife, his two daughters and their husbands all got baptized by full immersion and received the Holy Spirit with Biblical evidence of Speaking in tongues.

Giasa Yana himself was appointed a church leader and now looks after Doa House Meeting. His two sons-in-law were also appointed as Church leaders; the whole family are now enjoying their lives in the Revival Fellowship.