Brother Rolland Aiya
Brother Rowland Aiya, from Tumleo Island, Aitape District. West Sepik Province.
From a religious perspective, Brother Rowland was born into a Catholic society. Tumleo Island is the birth place of Catholic Church in German New Guinea (Momase and Highlands). In 1896, the Society Of Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) landed on Tumleo Island, Brother Rowland’s home soil.

In his young adult life he left the Catholic church and joined AOG Church, and eventually became an AOG Youth Pastor.
The Revival Centres of PNG church first started in Lumi District on 1st September 1982. A little later, the church was introduced into Aitape and many of his immediate (Br Rowland’s) family members joined the Revival Fellowship.

Brother Rowland did not like the Revival Fellowship, he persecuted the church and at some point involved in anti-revival campaigns (like Apostle Paul in the Bible). Being indoctrinated into a church where they emphasized on “receiving Jesus as a personal saviour”, he did not like being told about “receiving the Holy Spirit”.

Many of his relatives who were baptised into the Revival Fellowship came and witnessed to him on several occasions, however he was stubborn and depended his own faith and religious beliefs. Even Principal Pastor Godfrey Wippon used to come and stay in his place on several occasions, Brother Rowland did not like their church.

One day, he had a strange feeling in his body. He felt itchy all over his body. At first he thought this was just a minor illness and will subside. However, this strange feeling persisted for some days and eventually he became sick and stayed indoors for three days.

Upon realising that he was not up and about for three days, his family members decided to check on him. When family members arrived at his house, they found out he was very sick. He cannot move and walk by himself. Relatives assisted him to get up and walk around.

Sometime later he was admitted at Boram General Hospital in Wewak, East Sepik Province. At Boram General Hospital, doctors conducted a thorough medical check, however they cannot detect any sickness in his body. Doctors, having suspected it could have been witchcraft activity or some spiritual forces at work, advised Br Rowland to return home and seek spiritual help.

Br Rowland came home and tried his best to seek some kind of spiritual healing, but to no avail. He was eventually bed-ridden for the next six (6) years. He cannot walk around un-assisted.
During the next six years, Br Rowland spent considerable amount of resources trying to find a cure. He consulted many witch doctors who promise him healings, but their healing promises never came through.

He spent some time living in his wife’s village in Dagua, East Sepik. From there he invited a female witch doctor who claimed to possess greater magical powers. She demanded a big pig from Br Rowland, so she could heal him. Br Rowland gave her the pig, she took the animal and left. After he donated the pig, he thought would feel better, however nothing happened to his expectations.

Later he changed his course, this time, turned to spiritual healers. He invited members of different church denominations to come and pray over him. Many churches came and prayed for him, but still he experienced not a slightest change in his body. He allowed members of any church to come and pray with him, however he refused to allow members of the Revival Fellowship to come and pray. He said, “I did not like the Revival Church, I did not want them to pray for me, although some of my immediate family were already members of this church.”

Seeing no healing with churches, he changed again to witchcraft healers. For the six years that he was bed-ridden, he switched between churches and witch craft for healing but to no avail. All his hope of healing was crushed and he knew he had no hope.

Then one day, in May of 1994, while at home, a strange feeling overwhelmed him. He realised death was closing in on him. Realising the impeding inevitable, he said to himself. “Before I close my eyes, I will invite the Revival Church members to come and pray over me.” Brother Rowland send word and one of his cousin brothers who was a Pastor in the Revival Fellowship came over.

The Revival Church pastor came and witnessed to him about the Salvation Message, the Good News about being Born Again of Water and the Holy Spirit. After sharing the Word of God in the Scriptures, the pastor decided to pray for Brother Rowland. Before he prayed, the pastor went further and explained about Speaking in Tongues (1 Corinthians 14:2) and praying in the power of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 6:18).

Brother Rowland said, “I never liked the Revival Church, and I didn’t like Speaking in Tongues. However, at that point, when the Pastor explained about Speaking in tongues in the Scriptures, I clearly understood the subject of Speaking In Tongues.” The Revival Pastor laid his hands on Brother Rowland and prayed over him. After the prayer, he recalls, “I had this strange feeling of joy in me. At that moment, I indicated to get baptised straight away.”

It was on a Saturday (07th May 1994) that he was baptised. After baptism, he was prayed for; he received the Holy Spirit and Spoke in Tongues. Next day on Sunday (08th May 1994), he attended his first Revival Meeting. After being baptised into the Revival Fellowship, his health condition gradually improved. He was completely healed of his mysterious illness, which kept him bondage for six solid years.

Brother Rowland says, “For the last 30 years, I have enjoyed my life in the Revival Fellowship. I have seen a lot of healings and miracles God has performed in my own personal life as well as the lives of our congregation members. I go out and when opportunity arises, I witness to people about this Salvation Message, of being Born Again (Acts 2:38, John 3:3-5), the message that saved me. I also pray for people and God heals them.”

Today Brother Rowland attends the Port Moresby Assembly Fellowship. He joined the Church’s Healing Ministry and spend his free time evangelising, visiting sick people in hospitals, and proclaiming the message of hope to those in need.